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How to select the best-engineered hardwood flooring

We'd be hard-pressed to find a more important flooring innovation than engineered hardwood flooring. It adds charm and warmth to a home with a construction that makes it stable and better able to handle water. That’s a big benefit for homeowners in storm-prone Louisiana.

Floorco has been serving the community for decades. This includes designers, architects, builders, designers, real estate developers, and others. We have a large selection of flooring and home improvement inventory. We provide top-notch installation and other services, including design assistance. Our showrooms are in Covington, LA and New Orleans, LA, and we serve New Orleans, LA, Covington, LA, Metairie, LA, Madisonville, LA, && Mandeville, LA. Visit us and ask about our estimates.

Why is construction so important?

Solid, as it sounds, is one big slab throughout the plank. The fibers lie parallel to each other. As a result, it shrinks and expands to adjust to the weather, needs acclimation, and can be damaged by excess water. If you're someone who'd rather not be concerned with these issues, consider the engineered version.

With this hardwood flooring, there's a slab at the top, usually from the most popular wood choices: oak, maple, hickory, or walnut. Underneath are at least three layers of the genuine wood, combined with resins, and positioned so that the fibers criss cross, giving it stability and an increased ability to handle water.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Covington, LA from Floorco

Other important items to consider:

  • Thickness: The more the better. Yes, you can get it as thin as ⅜-inch, but the higher quality products have more layers and go as high as ¾-inch.
  • Core: This will depend upon your durability needs. They're all strong, and there are two from which to choose: plywood and the super-strong high-density fiberboard (HDF).
  • Finish: This is the topcoat that protects the floor. It is important to understand that a finish isn't the same as stain, it does also affect appearance, so do you want a matte, gloss, or high gloss? Do you want something that will also bring out the luster of the wood, such as an oil-based product, or do you want mainly protection, such as strong aluminum oxide?
  • Stain: This adds a color tone, and you can choose cherry to walnut and gray, etc.
  • Textures: They add depth, dimension, and visual appeal: wire-brushed, hand-scraped, distressed.
  • Edges: This is critical because it impacts the overall look of the floor. Ask about the right one for you.