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Everything you need to know about porcelain tile

Once seen mainly on kitchen and bath floors, porcelain is versatile, this large format tile is now seen on all indoor and outdoor floors, as well as walls, countertops, kitchen islands, shower surrounds.

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Is porcelain the same as ceramic tile?

No, but it's a type of ceramic. Because the composition includes sand and glass in addition to clay, it's heavier, more durable than ceramic, and a good choice for high traffic floors. Porcelain is waterproof, whether or not it’s glazed. It is also frost resistant and, while that’s not a concern for Louisiana, it does mean it can withstand any weather.

Bigger and bigger: tile trends for 2020

Porcelain measures 12 X 12; 13 X 13; 16 X16 and 18 X 18. You can even get some that are more like boards, going as high as 5feet X 10 feet with a thickness of ¼-inch.

It can be made to look like anything, from marble and other stone and from wood to leather. Because there are so few grout lines, many prefer that more continuous look. For example, you can have marble baths, which are currently trending, with material that looks like it came from the quarry.
Ceramic tile flooring in Madisonville, LA from Floorco

To get the best, look at:

  • Strength and durability. Not all tile is the same, with some only being appropriate for certain uses, such as floors or walls. Be sure to ask and examine the box and instructions.
  • Porosity. That’s the absorption rate is the ratio of air holes to solid. There is a rating, the more dense, the less porosity. Porcelain is generally characterized as very hard and dense, but also be sure to ask. Note: There are two rating systems to determine hardness and durability. They are called Moh’s and PEI.
  • Texture. All tile can is slippery when wet. Since there are so few grout lines to strengthen the grip, consider a textured surface if you have special concerns about this.